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cs6235-Navig-campus - CS 6235 Embedded System and Real-Time...

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CS 6235 Embedded System and Real-Time System, Fall, 2009 Project Proposal GT Campus Navigator 1. Motivation and Objectives Georgia Tech has lots of visitors throughout a year. Guest lecturers and tourists are only part of them. Although the campus has several map signs installed around the campus, sometimes this is not enough and many visitors and newly admitted students get lost while finding their way around. If the visitor has a car and a navigator device, he/she many use it in real-time to get directions, but what if this is not the case? In addition, navigators usually give you directions only on car routes. This is same for directions on Google map and others vendors. Therefore, I plan to implement an application which can give directions based on the location of the user and the destination, using car routes or walkways combined with GT Bus system in real time. The application is planned to be installed in handheld mobile devices, so that most of the people can have access to the service. Additional features like providing information about each building, and giving suggestions about restaurants on campus when requested can be implemented. 2. Related Work 2.1. Google Android Google Android phone hit the market on Oct, 2008, showing promising factors to customers. Most of Google’s services (which are diverse and huge) are implemented in the system. The most compelling aspect about Android is its openness. Anyone with appropriate skills is welcomed to implement and add applications which can run on the
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system, as the source code is open to the world. As my goal is to implement an application
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cs6235-Navig-campus - CS 6235 Embedded System and Real-Time...

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