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The Kacheek: A Cost-Effective Electronic Paper Cutter CS6235 Project Proposal Jennifer Kam School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology INTRODUCTION Many years ago, I was given a canvas-covered strap-bound book with 10 blank pages and my first 35mm camera. Being just a kid at the time, I had no idea I had just become a pioneer in scrapbooking, a hobby that would become a multi-billion dollar industry by the time I graduated high school. In 1996, scrapbooking sales were first categorized and estimated at $200 million, mostly through home parties and specialty stores. By the early 2000’s, major retailers (i.e. Target, Wal-Mart) began carrying scrapbooking supplies [1]. According to scrapbooking.com, an online magazine, the projected scrapbooking retail sales will total $1.75 billion in 2009 [2]. As shown in figure 1 below, scrapbooking is the art preserving one’s personal history by combining photos, journal entries, memory scraps (memorabilia) and embellishments of all kinds into a book. While the photos are still the main focus of the page, paper embellishments have become the most prevalent, particularly for the letters that serve as title pages. Figure 1. Examples of scrapbook pages [3, 4, 5] MOTIVATION Many years ago, Ellison Company introduced the Sizzix Personal Die-Cutter [6], one of the first paper cutters for the scrapbook hobbyist and sold for approximately $100. It operated on a simple principle: laying a piece of paper beneath a metal shape (called a “die”) and applying pressure to the die so that it would cut the paper. I immediately observed that the lack of flexibility would be the downfall of this product. Each die could only cut one size and shape, and I could not afford to buy every die made. Fast-forward several years into the age of electronics, and the latest paper cutting technology is
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cs6235-Paper-cutter - The Kacheek: A Cost-Effective...

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