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cs6235-Reminder-tag - CS6235 Project Proposal When-n-Where...

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CS6235 Project Proposal When-n-Where reminders: Tag and Time Based GPS Locator Priyal Mehta ( [email protected] ) Shweta Patira ([email protected]) Goal: Develop a mobile application that acts like a task reminder , that provides alerts to the user at a specific time & provides a location map on how to get to the destination from the current location. Motivation: With all we have going on in our lives it’s just natural that we would need reminders to have a ‘little something’ keep track of things we need to do. Be it post-its, emails, alarms or daily planners all of us need an assistant to jot down our activities in the near future. Typically, when we schedule events like a meeting, lunch, appointment, or daily chores we end up with alerts telling us where we have to be next, without a clue of how to get there. We then, need to use another online or mobile application to tell us ‘How to get there’.. There are always instances where we set alerts that say ‘Meet Joe at Moe’s’. When these alerts ring, the most obvious question arises ‘how do I get to moe’s. The same happens with alerts like ‘Lunch with Katie’ ;‘What restaurents do I have around here?? or ‘ Buy Milk ‘ ; Which is the closest store? Our design aims at providing an integrated reminder -locator application: that works two-ways, remind you about a task, tell you how to get there. Related Work: The last decade has seen an explosion of Mobile applications that use Location technologies.
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