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Low-Cost Sensor Integration for Robot Terrain Characterization Tasks Fall 2009 CS 6235 Project Proposal Lonnie Parker lonnie@gatech.edu Introduction NASA Earth Science research is currently investigating the changes occurring in the mass of the Earth's ice cover. Successfully characterizing the complex terrain topology that is a direct result of these changes will greatly improve scientists' scope of understanding. Currently, the only methods available for quantifying these changes are via remote sensing techniques, in situ stationary automatic weather stations (AWS) and human-led field campaigns with weather-hardened equipment. Despite these techniques, each introduces its own drawbacks. This proposal outlines the implementation of a robotic platform equipped with a low-cost sensor suite enabling earth scientists to quickly and efficiently collect in situ topological data with the aim of improving resolutions currently offered by the aforementioned techniques. The system presented here fuses remote sensing data with on-board sensors to dynamically plan waypoints of interest to investigate and collect terrain information over a predefined area. This significantly expands the potential coverage area beyond what scientists can typically manage and provides an advanced measurement system in lieu of the traditional land surveying techniques. System Description This system will consist of the Bluebotics SECT-III robot (aka "Shrimp") ( Figure 1 ) and be equipped with two MEMS accelerometers from Analog Devices. The ADXL322 (+/- 2g) ( Figure 2 ) can operate with up to a 750mV/g sensitivity rating and provides readings along X and Y axes, making pitch and roll tilt calculations possible. The Xbee Pro Starter
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cs6235-Sensor-develop - Low-Cost Sensor Integration for...

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