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CS6235 PROJECT PROPOSAL GT Transit Texter Sung Won Kang [email protected] Jae Wook Yoo [email protected] GOAL: The goal of this project is to develop a real-time transportation schedule alarm for all members of the Georgia Institute of Technology community, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors as well. This system will provide the nearest bus stop of campus transit from a person’s current position. Then it will send a SMS message to the person’s mobile device automatically as per their user preference settings. MOTIVATION: Have you ever looked for a Georgia Tech bus stop on campus? How long have you waited for Georgia Tech bus transit such as Stinger and Tech Trolley? Have you missed the last bus while you have been working hard? Out term project started from these questions which most people at Georgia Tech have experienced more than once. Even though there are already known bus schedules, it is easy to get distracted and miss the bus. Our team members have worked hard on finding solutions to these situations. We assume that there will be an epochal solution or may be an alternative plan at the very least. Several service systems are already in place to support the ease of use for GT transit; NextBus(Web page) and GT Login(iPhone). NextBus is a web base system where the current location of Tech Trolley and Stinger buses are displayed on a campus map. However, people cannot access the system without a laptop or other internet-enabled device since it only provides web based access. This is infeasible because most people waiting at a bus stop may not have or turn on those devices. GT Login is an iPhone application that has an automatic Lawn service login. This application has similar NetBus functions. When using GT Login, a person can see the arrival times for the next bus after selecting a specific target bus and bus stop. Even though it is designed for use on a mobile device, it can only provide a simple text view for arrival times. Therefore someone who is not familiar with the campus or the location of bus stops will definitely have trouble using this application. Also, in both applications, a
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cs6235-Transit-texter - CS6235 PROJECT PROPOSAL GT Transit...

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