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ECE 6607 Homework #2 Due on September 16 1. Consider the two-dimensional bit-check error-detection scheme. Would it be possible to correct every error in two bits? 2. Consider the general linear code for forward error correction. Derive the tightest-possible relation between k and n ensuring that the code can identify the location of a single bit-error. In other words, the code can be used to correct from a single-bit error. 3. Consider the IP checksum except that the arithmetics are done on the basis of 4 bits
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Unformatted text preview: instead of 16. Suppose that the data are 110111110001. What is actually being trans-mitted? 4. Consider the CRC with G ( x ) = x 6 + x 4 + x +1. If the data are 11000010, what is being transmitted? 5. Draw the circuit diagram for the CRC in Problem 4. 6. We have seen in class that under certain conditions on G ( x ), the CRC catches every error in an odd number of bits. Is it possible to have a G ( x ) such that the CRC would catch every error in an even number of bits? Explain. 1...
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