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ECE 6607 Homework #3 Due on September 30 1. Consider a 128K bits-per-second link carrying 1,500-byte packets over a satellite link. Compute the efficiency of the go-back N protocol for the following values of W s : (i) W s = 1 (the stop-and-wait protocol); W s = 7; and W s = 127. Assume all acks are piggybacked and are sent at the time a frame is received. 2. Consider a data-link layer protocol that does bit stuffing as well as error detection via
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Unformatted text preview: a CRC. Which is done rst by the sender: bit stung or the CRC? Explain. 3. Why is there an address eld in the HDLC header? After all, the HDLC is a point-to-point protocol. 4. Give three examples of unnumbered control frames in HDLC. Why are they called unnumbered? 5. What is the purpose of the protocol eld in PPP? 1...
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