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Unformatted text preview: ECE 6607 Y. Wardi Van Leer E-478 Office hours: Monday 2-3, Wednesday 10-12 Grading: Homework - 10%, Test 1 (October 5) - 20%, Test 2 (November 16) - 20%, Final exam - 50%. Outline: 1. Preliminaries: switching and multiplexing, architectures and protocols, the OSI Reference Model 2. The physical layer: channel capacity, the T1 carrier, SONET 3. The data-link layer: error detection and error correction, framing, error control, flow control 4. Examples of the data-link layer: HDLC, the PPP protocol 5. Medium access control and local area networks: CSMA/CD, token-passing ring 6. LAN examples: the Ethernet, the token-passing ring protocol, wireless LANs 7. The network layer: routing, congestion control 8. ATM networks 9. Performance analysis 10. The IP 11. The transport-layer protocol: TCP, UDP 1 ...
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