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Fall 2010 Organic Chemistry I (Unique # 51445/51555) 1 CH 310/318 M MWF 9-10 AM WEL 1.316 Dr. John A. Colapret Instructional Staff: Role Name Office Hours Location Lecturer Dr. John A. Colapret T Th 10-12:30 WEL 4.142 TA TBA TBA Course E-Mail: All e-mail related to CH 310-318M should be sent to the following address: jcolapret@cm.utexas.edu Please include the word “CH 310/318M” in the subject line. We will make every effort to respond to e-mail queries within 24 hours. Course Web Site: To reach the web site for CH 310/318 M, point your browser to the following URL: http://colapret.cm.utexas.edu/courses/ The web site will be an integral component of this course! It will be updated regularly with course announcements, lecture notes, homework assignments, and exam information. Important updates will be announced in lecture, but you should plan to visit the web site regularly so you don’t miss anything. Course Materials: Textbook (required) : Brown, Iverson, Ansyln Organic Chemistry , 5 th Ed., Brooks/Cole, 2008. Study Guide (recommended) : Iverson & Iverson, Student Study Guide and Solutions Manual for Organi c Chemistry , 5 th Ed., Brooks/Cole, 2008. Purchase of a molecular models kit is also highly recommended. Although use of models will not be allowed during exams, most students find them to be extremely helpful when first learning how to visualize the 3- dimensional structures of organic molecules. Prerequisites and Co-requisites: Primarily for premedical, predental, life sciences, and pharmacy majors. The development of organic chemical structure, nomenclature, and reactivity. Only one of the following may be counted: Chemistry 610A, 310M, 618A, 318M.
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Fall 2010 Organic Chemistry I (Unique # 51445/51555) 2 Prerequisite: Chemistry 302 with a grade of at least C-, and credit or registration for Chemistry 204 or 317. Adds, Drops and Withdrawal : Friday, Sep 10 th : Last day of the official add/drop period. After this date, changes in registration require the approval of the department chair and usually the student’s dean. Last day an undergraduate student may add a course except for rare and extenuating circumstances. Last day to drop the course for a possible refund. Wed, Sep 22 nd : Last day to drop the class without possible academic penalty. Wed, Oct 20 th : Last day a Q drop can/will be assigned by the instructor. You will need the approval of Dr. Colapret, your academic adviser, and your college’s dean to drop the course at this point. After this date, withdrawal from the course requires a substantial non- academic reason, and can only be approved by your college’s dean. Friday Dec 3: Last Class Day. All questions related to enrollment in the course should be directed to the Chemistry Lower Division Office in WEL 2.212. Attendance:
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310-18%20M%20Syllabus-MWF - Fall 2010 Organic Chemistry I...

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