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Organic Lecture Series 1 CH 318 N LECTURE 2 Textbook Assignment: Chapter 12 Homework (for credit): POW 1 posted-due on Sep 7 Today’s Topics: IR, theory & interpretation Notice & Announcements: Office Hrs- Sam Le: Mon 4-5 PM Cubicle B (WEL) Organic Lecture Series 2 OH H 2 SO 4 Major + Minor Reactions will often give a mixture of products: How would the chemist determine which product was formed? Both are cyclopentenes; they are isomers. Spectroscopy will provide the solution.
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Organic Lecture Series 3 Organic Lecture Series 4 Electromagnetic radiation: Electromagnetic radiation: light and other forms of radiant energy Wavelength ( Wavelength ( λ ): ): the distance between consecutive peaks on a wave Frequency ( Frequency ( ν ): ): the number of full cycles of a wave that pass a given point in a second Hertz (Hz): Hertz (Hz): the unit in which radiation frequency is reported; s -1 (read “per second”) Electromagnetic Radiation
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