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Unformatted text preview: Essay Focus 702 www.thelancet.com Vol 369 February 24, 2007 the starting point of an analysis, a sign of the need for an analysis, but it should not be the conclusion of an analysis. Assembling forms of life Medicalisation implies passivity on the part of the medicalised. One example is when people claim that disease-awareness campaigns persuade potential cust- omers to “recode” their unease and dissatisfaction in the form of a diagnostic category to extend the market for pharmaceutical products and the remit of medical prac- titioners. With notable exceptions (children, prisoners, people deemed mentally ill and admitted to hospital under compulsion), doctors do not force diagnostic labels on resistant individuals. And although drug companies use techniques of modern marketing, they do not seek to dupe an essentially submissive audience. Marketing techniques, since the 1950s, have not regarded the consumer as a passive object to be manipulated by advertisers, but as someone to be known in detail, whose needs are to be charted, for whom consumption was an activity bound into a form of life that must be understood. 4 Marketing does not so much invent false needs, as suggested by cultural critics, but rather seeks to understand the desires of potential consumers, to affi liate those with their products, and to link these with the habits needed to use those products. It is this process the habits needed to use those products....
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