1_The Latest Mania - Selling Bipolar Disorder - David Healy

1_The Latest Mania - Selling Bipolar Disorder - David Healy...

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Unformatted text preview: PLoS Medicine | www.plosmedicine.org 0441 Essay April 2006 | Volume 3 | Issue 4 | e185 O ne of the most famous direct- to-consumer television adverts for a drug begins with a vibrant woman dancing late into the night. A background voice says, “Your doctor probably never sees you when you feel like this.” The advert cuts to a shrunken and glum fi gure, and the voiceover now says, “This is who your doctor usually sees.” Cutting again to the woman, in active shopping mode, clutching bags with the latest brand names, we hear: “That’s why so many people with bipolar disorder are being treated for depression and not getting any better—because depression is only half the story.” We see the woman again depressed, looking at bills that have arrived in the post before switching to seeing her again energetically painting her apartment. “That fast- talking, energetic, quick tempered, overdoing it, up-all-night you,” says the voiceover, “probably never shows up at the doctor’s offi ce, right?” No drugs are mentioned. But viewers are encouraged to log onto www.bipolarawareness.com, which takes them to a Web site called...
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