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Essay Focus www.thelancet.com Vol 369 February 24, 2007 701 their companion species of bacteria, viruses, parasites, scavengers etc. The practice of vaccination—hybridising human beings with dead or deactivated bacteria—has transformed human sociality; saved millions of lives; and contributed to the growth of the population, the possibility of living in towns, and hence urban sociality. The school and the home, trans formed by medicine into hygienic machines, have inculcated habits and manners that have become auto matic, from table manners to toothbrush drill. Practices for defecation, urination, menstruation etc have produced bodies that are disciplined in relation to health in un precedented ways. Medical management of sexuality has reshaped regimes of pleasure, practices of intercourse, continence, and incontinence. And so on. We relate to ourselves and others, individually and collectively, through an ethic and in a form of life that is inextricably associated with medicine in all its incarnations. In this sense, medicine has done much more than deF ne, diagnose, and treat disease—it has helped make us the kinds of living creatures that we have become at the start of the 21st century. Medical meaning Medicine is inextricably intertwined with the ways in which we experience and give meaning to our world. Whether through medical themes in literature, medical images in art, medical heroes and villains in movies or on TV, medical narratives of patienthood, the imagination of those of us who live in developed
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