3_Following the Script - Fugh-Berman and Ahari

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Unformatted text preview: PLoS Medicine | www.plosmedicine.org 0623 items kept close at hand, ensuring that a targeted drugs name stays uppermost in a physicians subconscious mind. High prescribers receive higher-end presents, for example, silk ties or golf bags. As Oldani states, The essence of pharmaceutical giftingis bribes that arent considered bribes [1]. Reps also recruit and audition thought leaders (physicians respected by their peers) to groom for the speaking circuit. Physicians invited and paid by a rep to speak to their peers may express their gratitude in increased prescriptions (see Table 1). Anything that improves the relationship between the rep and the client usually leads to improved market share. Script Tracking An offi cial job description for a pharmaceutical sales rep would read: Provide health-care professionals with product information, answer their questions on the use of products, and deliver product samples. An unoffi cial, and more accurate, description would have been: Change the prescribing habits of physicians. James Reidy [4] Pharmaceutical companies monitor the return on investment of detailingand all promotional effortsby prescription tracking. Information distribution companies, also called health information organizations (including IMS Health, Dendrite, Verispan, and Wolters Kluwer), purchase prescription records from pharmacies. The majority of pharmacies sell these records; IMS Health, the largest information distribution company, procures records...
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