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3_Ghostwriting - Ross


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egy of the companies was used to pro- mote and market the products. No stud- ies have used internal documents to characterize the role of authorship in collaborations between industry and the medical profession. Inc related to rofecoxib provided a unique opportunity to examine the practice of guest authorship and ghost- writing related to the research and pro- motion of this medication. Our objec- tive was to provide a review using a case-study exploration of court docu- ments, in tandem with a review of the medical literature, to describe the prac- tice of guest authorship and ghostwrit- ing related to rofecoxib. Documents used for this article are posted at http://dida.library.ucsf.edu. METHODS In the course of the combined trials of Cona vs Merck and Co, Inc (No. ATL- L-3553-05, New Jersey Superior Court, Atlantic City) and McDarby vs Merck and Co, Inc (No. ATL-L-1296-05, New Jersey Superior Court, Atlantic City), millions of documents were made avail- able to and archived in an integrated da- tabase maintained by the plaintiff’s at- torneys. These documents were created between 1996 and 2004 and included Merck internal and external correspon- dence, reports, and presentations. As consultants to attorneys on the behalf of plaintiffs, we had complete access to all archived documents. One investi- gator (J.S.R.) searched the database to extract a subset of documents related
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