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Social Studies of Science 34/2 and less contested waters. Positron emission tomography (PET) scans and other techniques appeared to attest to the reality of mental illness rather than just the existence of brains. But aside from the existence or non-existence of mental illness, there had been a broader thrust to the anti-psychiatric argument, which was that the vaunted de-institutionalization of psychiatry had unrecognized con- sequences for all of us, not just for the relatively small group of individuals at risk of being incarcerated in asylums (Healy, 2002a). With the availabil- ity of new drugs and the prescription-only status of these drugs, the nervousness that can be found in the community at rates of 10-20% - viewed by some as being of social origin, by others as being of psycho- logical origin and by yet others as being of biological origin - had fallen into the clutches of psychiatry. Real questions could be asked about how adequately psychiatrists had been trained to handle the many issues
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