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sunder rajan: Clinical Trials 69 entwined with the market value these companies see in the drugs that eventually get developed, and the market risk that attends the drug devel- opment process. According to the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s newsletter, ‘twenty years ago, 80 per cent of clinical research trials were conducted through academic medical centres. In 1998, estimates indicated the number of [these] centres as investigator sites had dropped to less than half.’ 3 Health research and production is thus progressively captured by capital, and now needs to be seen as a semi-autonomous branch of it. 4 The organizational complexity of clini- cal trials does however mean that it has been hard for pharmaceutical companies to manage them, leading to the emergence of an entirely new sector devoted to the management and administration of clinical trials. These companies, known as clinical research organizations ( cro s), are now an integral part of the overall biomedical economy. A plurality of actors
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