4_Following the Script - Fugh-Berman and Ahari

4_Following the Script - Fugh-Berman and Ahari - PLoS...

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Unformatted text preview: PLoS Medicine | www.plosmedicine.org 0624 in order to develop a strategy to change those prescriptions into Merck prescriptions [6]. A Pharmaceutical Executive article states, A physicians prescribing value is a function of the opportunity to prescribe, plus his or her attitude toward prescribing, along with outside in uences. By building these multiple dimensions into physicians profi les, it is possible to understand the why behind the what and how of their behavior. [7] To this end, some companies combine data sources. For example, Medical Marketing Service enhances the AMA Masterfi le with non-AMA data from a variety of sources to not only include demographic selections, but also behavioral and psychographic selections that help you to better target your perfect prospects [8]. The goal of this demographic slicing and dicing is to identify physicians who are most susceptible to marketing efforts. One industry article suggests categorizing physicians as hidden gems: Initially considered low value because they are low prescribers, these physicians can change their prescribing habits after targeted, effective marketing. Growers are Physicians who are early adopters of a brand. Pharmaceutical companies employ retention strategies to continue to reinforce their growth behavior. Physicians are considered low value due to low category share and prescribing level [9]....
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