4_Media Activism and Internet Use by People with AIDS

4_Media Activism and Internet Use by People with AIDS -...

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Media activism and Internet use by people with HIV/AIDS 611 © Blackwell Publishing Ltd/Editorial Board 2003 Media projects by people with HIV/AIDS began to experiment with publishing an electronic version of their publications on the Internet. From the mid-1990s to the present there has been a gradual institutional- isation of activism by people with HIV/AIDS in industrialised democracies (Altman 1994). A more comprehensive and concerted institutional response to HIV/AIDS has contributed to a more formalised and professionalised AIDS movement. The result has been that political organising and activism among people with HIV/AIDS has declined, with the exception of mobilising among AIDS dissidents and mobilising among people with HIV/AIDS in developing nations. This institutionalisation has meant that many grassroots media collectives that emerged in the 1990s have disbanded or become incorporated into AIDS service organisations. Existing media projects have become more mainstream, professionalised and less political because of
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