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4_Medicalization and Racial Features - Kaw

4_Medicalization and Racial Features - Kaw - 76 A MEDICAL...

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MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY QUARTERLY are symbolic mediums most directly and concretely concerned with the construc- tion of the individual as social actor or cultural subject (Turner 1980). Yet social scientists have only recently focused on the body as a central component of social self-identity (Blacking 1977; Brain 1979; Daly 1978; Lock and Scheper-Hughes 1990; O'Neill 1985; Turner 1987). Moreover, social scientists, and sociocultural anthropologists in particular, have not yet explored the ways in which the body is central to the everyday experience of racial identity. Method and Description of Subjects In this article I present findings of an ongoing ethnographic research project in the SanFrancisco Bay Area begun in April 1991. I draw on data from structured interviewswith physicians and patients, medical literature and newspaper arti- cles, and basic medical statistics. The sample of informants for this researchis not random in the strictly statistical sense since informants were difficult to locate.
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  • Physician, MEDICAL NTHROPOLOGY QUARTERLY, centralcomponentof social self-identity, social actoror culturalsubject, everydayexperienceof racial identity

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