4_New Colonialism - Nundy et al.

4_New Colonialism - Nundy et al. - 2004(Accessed at...

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n engl j med 352;16 www.nejm.org april 21, 2005 1636 PERSPECTIVE be disadvantaged persons. It is therefore of para- mount importance to protect the most vulnerable — women, children, the poor, and the illiterate — by making sure that their enrollment in trials is tru- ly voluntary and that their consent is genuinely in- formed. They should have access to the drug after the trial if it is found to be effective, and they should not only be treated and compensated for injury but also be compensated for any resultant loss of in- come. These things can be done only when the gov- ernment has strengthened its regulatory system so that it is geared toward guarding the rights of pa- tients and protecting them from exploitation. 1. Banerjee A. In full run: Clinical trials to hit Rs 1,100cr in 3 yrs. New Delhi: The Economic Times, November 17, 2004:5. 2. and clinical trials to India. Scientific American Online, August 16,
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Unformatted text preview: 2004. (Accessed March 31, 2005, at http://www.sciam.com/article. cfm?articleID=00033282-DBF5-10F9-975883414B7F0000.) 3. Gulhati CM. Needed: closer scrutiny of clinical trials. Indian J Med Ethics, January–March, 2004. (Accessed March 31, 2005, at http://www.issuesinmedicalethics.org/121ed004.html.) 4. Lotte A, Hatton F, Perdrizet S, Rouillon A. A concurrent com-parison of intermittent (twice-weekly) isoniazid plus streptomy-cin and daily isoniazid plus PAS in the domiciliary treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. Bull World Health Organ 1964;31:247-71. 5. James M. Eli Lilly gets EMR for weekend pill . New Del-hi: The Economic Times, September 16, 2004:11. A New Colonialism? — Conducting Clinical Trials in India Copyright © 2005 Massachusetts Medical Society. All rights reserved. Downloaded from www.nejm.org at UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO LIBRARY on July 18, 2009 ....
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