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4_Sunder Rajan - Experimental Values

4_Sunder Rajan - Experimental Values - 70 nlr 45 Technical...

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70 nlr 45 Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use. These primarily included Latin American and Eastern European countries, but not yet India. Over the past two years, however, India has become one of the most dynamic sites for the establishment and growth of clinical research. In India, a range of local actors currently see the country as providing an extremely attractive destination for outsourced clinical trials from the West. Contract research in the Indian pharmaceutical industry is already robust, and was estimated by the Chemical Pharmaceutical Generic Association to be worth between $100 and $120 million in 2005, while growing at 20 to 25 per cent per year. 7 A further influx of global clinical trials is eagerly awaited. Who are these actors, and upon what do they base their expectations? The most central, perhaps, are members of the burgeoning cro indus- try. These are the most immediate beneficiaries of trials coming to India,
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