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The Tyranny of Diagnosis and eyeliner while driving his bus to and from school. When anxious parents demanded that he be dismissed, the driver was perplexed: "I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I am diagnosed with gender identity disorder syndrome, and I am being treated." Gender identity is only one such concept. Contested and widely dis- cussed diagnostic categories such as attention deficit hyperactivity dis- order or chronic fatigue syndrome-not to mention road rage, premen- strual syndrome, and addictions to gambling and sex-have become familiar subjects for public discussion. Physicians are not the only par- ticipants in such contentious debates. Not too long ago, to cite another sort of example, feminists challenged the Centers for Disease Control's prevailing definitions of AIDS as ignoring those opportunistic infections peculiar to women. And what are we to make of so-called risk factors such as elevated cholesterol levels or blood pressure or marginal bone densities in
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