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trials conducted by the company that were eventually published for which data were available (or would soon be available), including Merck protocols 010, 029, 033, 034, 035, 040, 041, 044, 045, 050, 058, 068, 072, 085, 088 (VIGOR), 090, 097, 098, 102 (ADVANTAGE), 103, 120, 121, 901, and 902. 22 For each of these study pro- tocols, a Merck employee is desig- nated within the report as the author of the first draft of the manuscript. Ex- amining the published articles, the first author is an external, academically af- filiated investigator for 16 of 20 ar- ticles (some protocols were combined into single articles), 15,16,18,23-35 with the exception of protocols 010, 029, 058, and 072, 36-39 3 of which had external, academically affiliated investigators listed as authors, but not in the first au- thorship position. Among these 16 ar- ticles, all had 2 or more external, aca- demically affiliated investigators who were attributed authorship (median, 4.5; range, 2-10) and these authors oc- cupied 77% of the first, second, and
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