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Social Studies of Science 34/2 was happening. A few more examples will help indicate the scope of this issue. In the early 1990s, Roche had hoped to market moclobemide for the treatment of another of this new cluster of disorders - social phobia. In preparation for the launch of moclobemide, Roche commissioned an educational booklet produced apparently disinterestedly by a working party of the World Psychiatric Association, aimed at helping clinicians to recognize the features of social phobia. One hundred thousand copies of this were prepared for distribution to clinicians. Moclobemide was even- tually only licensed in a small number of markets for social phobia, but the methods of marketing it, which involved selling social phobia, have been documented in some detail (Moynihan, 2002) and have subsequently been pursued on a much wider scale by SmithKline, the marketers of paroxetine (Paxil), when it was licensed for social phobia. Since then a literature has burgeoned, and even though much of it recommends non-drug treatments
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