5_Media Activism and Internet Use by People with AIDS

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612 James Gillett © Blackwell Publishing Ltd/Editorial Board 2003 sites by people with HIV/AIDS. The purpose of this initial phase of the research was akin to doing ethnographic Feldwork. I visited and explored the range of Internet sites that people with HIV/AIDS were involved in producing. This Frst phase was completed when I no longer encountered Internet sites with new themes and when I had an overall understanding of Internet sites that I had visited (approximately 150 sites). This Frst phase began in July 2000 and Fnished in December 2000. In the second phase of the research I sent an e-mail survey to 63 Internet sites that were homepages produced by people with HIV/AIDS. The survey asked producers: (1) to describe their site; (2) why they created their site; (3) about the central purpose of the site; (4) the impact of the site on them and on visitors to the site; and (5) their involvement, if any, in local AIDS organis- ing. The sites were primarily located in the United States and Canada, though several were in Australia, England, and Europe. There was a diverse
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