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Charles E. Rosenberg support. The Alliance of Genetic Support Groups, an umbrella organi- zation, claims a membership of more than 250 such groups organized around genetic diseases alone. One could provide scores of similar examples, but the moral is ap- parent. Specific disease categories are omnipresent at the beginning of the 21st century, playing substantive roles in a variety of contexts and interactions ranging from the definition and management of deviance to the disciplining of practitioners and the containment of hospital costs. The social uses of disease categories, however, are hardly limited to indi- vidual interactions between doctors and their patients or to the setting of research agendas and treatment plans. Philosophers and sociologists of knowledge have voiced an abundance of opinions regarding their epis- temological and ontological status, but to the historian, disease entities have become indisputable social actors, real inasmuch as we have believed in them and acted
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