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write review manuscripts focused on rofecoxib and subsequently recruiting external, academically affiliated inves- tigators to be guest authors. For ex- ample, FIGURE4 displays an e-mail from representatives of Scientific Therapeu- tics Information to Merck employees providing an update on the develop- ment and estimated delivery dates for Figure 3. October 2000 Letter From Representatives of Scientific Therapeutics Information Inc (Grace E. Johnson, Una Kistner, John
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Unformatted text preview: Romankiewicz) to Merck & Co Inc (Deborah Matzura-Wolfe, Greg Geba) Discussing the Completion of the First Draft of a Contracted Manuscript Related to Rofecoxib GUEST AUTHORSHIP AND GHOSTWRITING IN ARTICLES ON ROFECOXIB 1804 JAMA, April 16, 2008—Vol 299, No. 15 (Reprinted) ©2008 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. at Cornell University on December 21, 2009 www.jama.com Downloaded from...
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