6_How the Internet Affects Patients' Experience of Cancer - Ziebland

6_How the Internet - Information in practice What is already known on this topic The internet is a fast growing source of health information and

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ensure that access is broadened through appropriate, supported public channels such as cancer information centres and public libraries. Limitations of study The interviews used in our analysis were collected for five individual projects for the DIPEx database, using the same inter- view methods and maximum variation sampling. The samples should not (individually or together) be interpreted as numerically representative of cancer patients, having been selected to represent the broadest practicable range of experience, as is appropriate to the aims of this qualitative study. Many important questions about the impact of the internet are beyond the scope of a qualitative interview study. These include what impact the internet has on the consultation, how it affects patients’ participation in decisions, what effect it has on health outcomes, and, indeed, what the relevant outcomes are. This study prepares the ground for further qualitative and quan- titative work by identifying the many different ways and stages at which information on the internet is used, as well as the meanings the internet has for patients and the implications for relationships in health care. We are grateful to all of our interview participants and the many nurse spe- cialists, support groups, general practitioners, and consultants who helped us to recruit them. We also thank our internal referees, Jacqueline McClaren and Anthony Harnden; our colleagues Andrew Herxheimer and Ann McPherson; and the BMJ reviewers, Jonathan Powell and Aileen Clarke, for their helpful comments. All interviews are copyrighted to DIPEx for use in publications, broadcasting, teaching, and research. Contributors: AC, CD, JE, SP, LR and SZ collected interviews and
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