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6_Rier - HIV and Morality Online

6_Rier - HIV and Morality Online - 1048 David A Rier whose...

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1048 David A. Rier © 2007 The Author Journal compilation © 2007 Foundation for the Sociology of Health & Illness/Blackwell Publishing Ltd whose archives are closed to non-members (although conclusions in the present paper are based also on material contained in the closed-archive lists to which moderators granted me members’ access). Since this, however, as they note, can ‘impoverish’ (2001: 128) the data, I do present below verbatim quotes of representative posts from boards whose archives are completely open to the public. As a final precaution, following King (1996) and Sixsmith and Murray (2001), even the names of online support groups studied, and their Internet hosting sites, have been concealed. Results Before describing how the groups handled disclosure, some background information is useful. In general, only a fraction of viewers actually posted; most mainly ‘lurked’ in the background. Yet those who did post could, on many lists examined for this study, attract hundreds (sometimes, thousands) of viewers. Though most posts seem to have originated
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