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72 nlr 45 infrastructure in India, but also in promoting the country as a global destination for clinical trials. The experimental potential of Indian popu- lations as trial subjects melds seamlessly with the market potential that Indian cro s perceive from an influx of these trials, and this convergence is facilitated by a larger historical moment that sees the Indian state branding and marketing itself to investors at global forums. Economics and ethics Some of the enthusiasm around clinical trials within India is mirrored in the West by agents who might outsource clinical trials to the coun- try. For the most part, however, the anticipated surge in trial contracts to India remains speculative. The infrastructure-building occurring in India is very real; but it is a bet on future outcomes that, like any other speculation, may or may not pay off. To understand the clinical- trial situation in India, we must consider both the enthusiasms and the reservations of Western agents.
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