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7_Ghostwriting - Ross


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8 manuscripts related to rofecoxib that the company was preparing, includ- ing intended titles, authors, and jour- nals. 42 Review articles were identified by 7 of the 8 investigators listed in Fig- ure 4, several with titles nearly exactly as proposed. 43-49 In addition, FIGURE 5 displays a contract for Health Science Communications Inc to provide a 20-page review manuscript with 6 fig- ures or tables intended for a cardiol- ogy audience for Merck at a cost of $23 841.00. 50 Contracts also were iden- tified between these 2 parties to pro- vide review manuscripts intended for nephrology and primary care audi- ences, 51,52 as well as for other medical specialties. Health Science Communi- cations Inc describes itself on its Web site as “a full-service health mar- keting communications company committed to the highest quality of service. .. We’re there pre-launch, pre- paring the market for a product’s in- troduction. At launch, we establish the foundation for product uptake.” 53
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  • Spring '10
  • McGrand
  • Rofecoxib, Scientific Therapeutics Information, Health Science Communications Inc, Dr. William Garnett, Health Science Communications

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