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7_Medicalization and Racial Features - Kaw

7_Medicalization and Racial Features - Kaw - MEDICALIZATION...

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MEDICALIZATION OF RACIAL FEATURES thatbecause they are women, they must conform to certain standards of beauty. "Elena," a 20-year-old Korean American said, "People in society, if they are attractive, are rewarded for their efforts . . . especially girls. If they look pretty and neat, they are paid more attention to. You can't deny that." "Annie," an- other Korean Americanwho is 18 years old, remarked that as a young woman, her motivation to have cosmetic surgery was "to look better" and "not different from why [other women] put on makeup." In fact, all expressed the idea that cosmetic surgery was a means by which they could escape the task of having to put makeup on every day. As "Jo," a 28-year-old Japanese American who is thinking of enlarging the natural fold above her eyes, said, "I am still self-con- scious about leaving the house without any makeup on, because I feel just really ugly withoutit. I feel like it's the mask that enables me to go outside." Beauty, more than character and intelligence, often signifies
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