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The ethical dynamics of HIV+ status disclosure 1049 © 2007 The Author Another response warned that the law forbade HIV+ individuals to endanger others via unprotected sexual relations. One poster mentioned that his policy of disclosing prior to relations had cost him half his ‘potential sex partners.’ On another board, an HIV+ poster asked: I met a guy over the weekend. . . . I didn’t tell him about my status although we did have safe sex. . . . Should I have told him before anything sexual happened? Five responses (the sixth reported having abandoned disclosure as too risky) advocated disclosure. For example: I was taught that honesty is the best policy; you should have been up front with your status. Women often framed disclosure as vital for a healthy relationship – and as a test of commitment: MY BOYFRIEND HAS JUST ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH AND WANT 2 SAY YES BUT HE DOESN’T KNOW IM POSITIVE AND I
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