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892 Monica J. Casper and Laura M. Carpenter © 2008 The Authors between persuasion and compulsion has characterised a century of debates – with consequences for epidemiology, clinical practice, health, and public perception of pharmaceuticals. The emergence of the HPV vaccine stimulated these tensions. Despite support for the vaccine among clinicians, youth, and parents, the issue of compulsion has ignited controversy across the US. Some states have pursued legislation mandating the vaccine for schoolchildren, while others have sought to require that health insurers operating in the state cover the vaccine or that public schools provide information about the vaccine. Almost every school mandate effort has failed (see below); however, in states like New Hampshire, a ‘soft sell’ approach encouraging but not requiring vaccination has created a demand for the vaccine so huge it cannot be satis±ed (National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) 2007). At issue in current debates about mandatory school vaccination, as historically, are
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