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sunder rajan: Clinical Trials 73 Other factors come into play when assessing the attractiveness of a coun- try as a clinical-trial location. The recent report by A. T. Kearney, which provided an ‘attractiveness index’ for countries as trial destinations, considered—in addition to cost efFciency and patient pool—‘regulatory conditions’, ‘relevant expertise’ and ‘infrastructure and environment’. Indian actors are focusing on these three key areas as part of their capacity-building efforts; and indeed, Kearney already ranks India as the second most attractive destination, after China, for clinical trials outside the us . India scored much higher than the us in terms of patient pool and cost efFciency, but lower on the other three counts. 10 However, the scenario is more complicated than one in which Western multinationals are tearing down the door to exploit cheap Indian popu- lations. ±or early-stage trials in particular, it is uncertain how strong the pressure is for Western companies to outsource to India. There
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