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Healy: Shaping the Intimate Marketing Disorders A more sceptical position also depends on being able to explain how pharmaceutical companies achieve such transformations. With colleagues, I recently tracked reviews of antidepressants used to treat depression in people with physical illnesses. This aspect of the literature on depression essentially only appears during the mid-1980s, even though the anti- depressants had been available since the late 1950s. Similarly, when tracking articles on depression from periodicals such as Vogue, one can again see a literature appearing on depression and antidepressants in the mid-1980s (Shorter, 2001). The most parsimonious explanation of the emergence of this literature on depression and antidepressants in the mid to late 1980s is that govern- ments, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, physicians and the public all want good news about treatments, whether drug or non-drug treatments. By the mid-1980s it had become impossible to write good
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