8_Media Activism and Internet Use by People with AIDS

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Media activism and Internet use by people with HIV/AIDS 615 © Blackwell Publishing Ltd/Editorial Board 2003 I hope to portray my Appalachian Trail trek as a metaphor for the potential each and every one of us has, whether or not we are HIV positive. I want to demonstrate that it is possible for anyone – whether you are battling a life threatening disease, a difFcult spouse or an untenable employment situation, or simply feel powerless in the face of everyday difFculties – to experience life’s bounty simply by taking charge of your own life, whatever its parameters may be. Particularly for people who have AIDS, taking control of your life is vitally important. Live life to its fullest. Without a doubt that’s the single most important lesson I have learned. The use of autobiography enabled individuals to engage directly with dis- courses that have become frequent in activist and institutional representa- tions of HIV/AIDS. You are not a victim, people survive; do not give up; take control of your health; HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence; you are not
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