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74 nlr 45 and fnancial resources are no longer so limited. This most basic aspect oF capacity building also generates the least concern among Indian actors trying to attract trials into the country. A more elaborate challenge is building an adequate regulatory inFrastructure, which needs to be Far stronger iF India is to host global trials. 11 This is especially so For trials outsourced From a us -based sponsor, which needs to meet the fda ’s stringent criteria. Adriana Petryna has argued For a state oF ‘ethical vari- ability’, suggesting that ethical practices For clinical trials vary between ±irst and Third World locales. 12 While in practice it is quite possible that the implementation oF ethical guidelines is ultimately stricter in the ±irst World, it is important to note the very serious attention now given to eth- ics by both the Indian regulatory agencies and the cro industry there. OF equal importance is what such ethics comprise, and what is leFt out. An ethical-trial protocol is primarily concerned with the question oF
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