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10_Healy - Shaping the Intimate

10_Healy - Shaping the Intimate - Healy Shaping the...

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Healy: Shaping the Intimate Prozac. The supposed real tragedy of books like Prozac Backlash is that patients who are at risk of committing suicide will be scared away from effective treatment and as a result will end up committing suicide. These reviews went to Jamie Talan of Newsday in New York with a covering letter from Robert Schwadron of Chamberlain Communications, a public relations (PR) agency working for Lilly in New York. In his covering letter, Schwadron offers to arrange for interviews on this book with members of Eli Lilly as well as with 'independent researchers from the medical community'. The Chamberlain logo features a target. It will come as no surprise therefore to find that Chamberlain had listed Dr Glenmullen as someone to manage. Chamberlain also appears to have targeted me. The views I have expressed in recent years are entirely consistent with views expressed in TheAntidepressant Era (Healy, 1998), which was reviewed favourably by
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