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76 nlr 45 cutting corners is the norm and ethics easily sacrifced. A more nuanced analysis would take account oF the desire on the part oF the Indian state and corporate actors For the country to become a global experimental site, while noting that a comprehensive attention to ethics is quite com- patible with the structural violence oF global biocapital. 2. ‘good clinical practice’: a case study The concern displayed by Indian actors, especially the cro industry, with what is reFerred to as good clinical practice is primarily Focused on the proper protocols For obtaining inFormed consent at the time oF trial enrolment, and with adequate monitoring oF the clinical trials. In order to advance towards a critique oF biocapital and surplus health, it is necessary to demonstrate the limitations oF ethical practice in the Indian context and, by extension, elsewhere in the Third World. Consider, For instance, the case oF Vimta Laboratories, based in Hyderabad. Vimta can claim in many ways to be the gold-standard
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