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Througha wide variety of methr ods including

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Unformatted text preview: ulture of medical science. Througha wide variety of methr ods-including attendingscientificconferences,scrutinizing esearchprotocols, andlearningfrom sympathetic rofessionalsboth inside andoutsidethe p movement-the core treatment ctivists have gained a working knowledge a of the medical vocabulary. hile activists have also insisted on the need to W bring "nonscientific"language and judgments into their encounters with researchers,they have nonetheless assumed that the capacity to speak the languageof the journal article and the conferencehall is a sine qua non of theireffective participation.13 In a learning approach that one such activist characterizes frankly as "ass a backwards," ctivistsoften begin with the examinationof a specific research a protocolin which patientshave been askedto participate nd, fromthere,go on to educate themselves aboutthe mechanismof drug action, the relevant "basicscience"knowledge base (such as considerationsof the viral replication cycle of HIV or the immunopathogenesisof AIDS), and the inner...
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  • wouldn'texaggerate ow politewe, specific research practicesor, vocabulary. hile activists, MaggieThatcher aidwhenshe metGorbachev

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