11_Epstein - Lay Expertise

Ewanted o o w to engageandfind out if therewas

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Unformatted text preview: sed, ralwaysright. ewanted o o W to engageandfind out if therewas commonground.(Hamngton1994)12 But to engage fully with the project of biomedical research, treatment activists needed to undergoa metamorphosis,to become a new species of T expertthatcould speakcrediblyin the languageof the researchers. his was the agendathattreatment ctivistspursuedover the next several years. a Credibility Tactics As Shapin(1990, 993) has noted in an analysis of the historicalconstitution of the expert/laydivide, the questionof who possesses culturalcompetence is "oneof the most obvious meansby which we, andpeople in the past, discriminatebetween 'science' and 'the public.'" The most crucial avenue a o pursued y treatment ctivistsin the construction f theirscientificcredibility b has been precisely the acquisition of such competence by learning the language and c...
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