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Social Studies of Science 34/2 The attached paper was a recognizably Healy piece, complete with Healy references saying the kinds of things that I often say. Many people who think they know my work would probably be hard pressed to pick it out as a fake. However, I had already mapped out what it was I wanted to write, and I sent a draft paper back to the company running the symposium. They were happy with the contents, but made it clear that there were some commercially important points in the previous manuscript and that they would arrange for someone else to author this. The paper I authored finally appeared in a journal supplement (Healy, 1999) sitting beside the paper that had been authored for me - with, as far as I could make out, only one change in the original ghost-written paper, the name of the author.5 Recently the Lancet in an editorial questioned how tainted medicine has become (Lancet, 2002a).6 One of the examples of the taints mentioned was the publication of an article by Thase et al. (2001) on the merits of
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