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11_Media Activism and Internet Use by People with AIDS

11_Media Activism and Internet Use by People with AIDS -...

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618 James Gillett © Blackwell Publishing Ltd/Editorial Board 2003 context of a consumerist or entrepreneurial discourse rather than a lay- activist discourse, as was the case with Internet sites organising around the theme of autobiography and expertise. Dissent A minority of Internet sites in this study were created by people with HIV/ AIDS who considered themselves AIDS dissidents. The web page produced by Ed Sherbeyn ( http://www.ed-sherbeyn.com ) is an example of a site that is organised around the theme of dissent. The introduction to Ed’s site describes his perspective as an AIDS dissident: Dissidents are unorganized groups and individuals challenging and questioning the veracity of what we have been told over and over again for the past 20-something years as being ‘The Truth’. Dissidents come in many different varieties. The Far Left Dissidents are those who believe that neither HIV nor AIDS exist. The Far Right can be described as those
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