Testing a theory week one

Testing a theory - Psychologist used the internet all the time to research They use it to find results statistics and other useful facts when

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Ashley Holmes Testing a theory Week One When moving out of a 1900sqft home into a 1000sqft home I was left with a whole bunch of things that I had no place to put, especially clothes. I did not have enough room to add additional furniture either; therefore, I had to make do with what I had. I taught long and hard about what to do, I even got rid of some clothes. It was not until looking on line at realsimple.com for tips on how to eliminate clutter, I came up with the theory if I got a dresser that fit into my closet, under the hanging clothes, and I would have a place to put all my clothes without losing any open space. The only question I had was if I would be able to find a small enough dresser to fit. After looking at yard sales and local stores, I finally found one and was able to eliminate all my clothes from out in the open.
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Unformatted text preview: Psychologist used the internet all the time to research. They use it to find results, statistics, and other useful facts when testing out a theory. Psychologist could also use the internet to research case studies and other medical information. The internet gives access to a ton of information both fact and fiction. That is why it is very important to research the source of the information as well, using your best judgment to determine if it is fact or fiction. If given the chance again, no I would not do anything differently, because my theory worked. Putting a dresser inside of my closet gave me a place to put all my clothes without taking any needed space out if the room. I was happy with the results, and I have yet to think of a better way to do it, so no I would not change anything....
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