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Week One DQ 1 Refer to the charts on p. 6 & p. 20 of Psychology and Your Life . Identify the five major perspectives in the field of psychology and list one subfield for each? Today the field of psychology uses five major perspectives. The five perspectives are  neuroscience, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic. The neuroscience  perspective analysis how individual nerve cells are joined together, how the inheritance of  certain characteristics from parents and other ancestors influences behavior, how the  functioning of the body affects hopes and fears, which behaviors are instinctual, and so forth.  Neuroscience looks at behavior from biological function. The psychodynamic perspective  argues that behavior is motivated by inner forces and conflicts about which we have little 
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Unformatted text preview: awareness or control. Behavioral perspective proposes that the field should focus on observable behavior measured objectively. The cognitive perspective implies that psychological disorders are the result of faulty thinking processes. The cognitive perspective observes how people understand and think about the world. The humanistic perspective suggests that all individuals naturally strive to grow, develop, and are in control of their lives and behavior. It is important to be able to identify each five of these five perspectives because no matter what topical area a psychologist specializes in, he or she will rely primarily on one of the five major perspectives....
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