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Assignment: Editorial Blog Entry Visit the Greenpeace International website at and click on the link for Greenpeace à Issues. Select one of the categories within Global Warming and Energy. Read a few articles and watch a few videos of your choice within the site to better acquaint yourself with Greenpeace’s fight for that particular issue. Suppose you are a newspaper columnist who will address the issue you chose on the next editorial blog of your newspaper’s website. Write a blog entry of approximately 500 words in which you: o Provide a brief introduction and background on the issue.
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Unformatted text preview: o Explain whether you consider this issue to be a moral matter and why. o Address any dilemmas surrounding the issue that your local community must deal with. o Explain the basis of judgment you believe should be used for addressing the moral questions or dilemmas surrounding the issue. • Include a title for your blog entry. • Cite any sources and references according to the Axia Style Guide Handbook. • Post your paper as a Microsoft ® Word attachment to the Assignments link by Week One Day 7....
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