Gudemaranahalli G-Accounting 225-Assign 1-3

Gudemaranahalli G-Accounting 225-Assign 1-3 - Exercise #...

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: I am not sure if Advertising Expense and Sales Commissions goes under manufacturing overhead or not. Part 1: Direct Materials Beg raw materials inventory 8000 Add: purchases of raw materials 132000 raq materials available for use 140000 deduct: ending raw materials inventory 10000 raw materials used in production 130000 direct labor 90000 manufacturing overhead indirect labor 56300 maintanance factory equipment 24000 utilities, factory 9000 supplies 700 depreciation, factory equipment 40000 Advertising Expense 100000 Sales Commissions 35000 depreciation, office equipment 8000 rent factory building 80000 rotal manufacturing overhead cost 353000 total manufacturing cost 573000 add: beg work in process inventory 5000 578000 deduct: ending work in process inventory 20000 cost of goods manufactured 558000 Part 2. Cost of Goods Sold = 70,000+558,000-25000 = 603,000 Brief Excersice: 1-5 1 Glass plates Fixed 2 Straight-Line Depreciaiton of a Building Fixed 3 Salaries Fixed 4 Electical Cost
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This note was uploaded on 10/10/2010 for the course ACCT 225 S taught by Professor Webster during the Spring '10 term at Franklin.

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Gudemaranahalli G-Accounting 225-Assign 1-3 - Exercise #...

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