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Gudemaranahalli G-Accounting 225-Assign 1-5

Gudemaranahalli G-Accounting 225-Assign 1-5 - F X Billing...

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Problem 1-18A Manufacturing (Product) Cost cost item cost - variable or fixed selling cost administrative cost direct Indirect Wood used V X Insurance F X Ink used V X Advertising F X Factory Tax F X Thread V X Wage of receptionist F X Sales Person Commission V X Shipping cost of merchandise V X Depreciation F X Magazine subscription F X Wages V X Executive life insurance F X boxes V X Zipper V X Fringe benefits V X Supervisors salary
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Unformatted text preview: F X Billing Cost V X Packing supplies V X Lubricant V X Billing Cost - I am not sure what this means! Billing as in using an accountant! Or billing service! It is not clear to me what it means (here I am assuming that it’s the cost of postage (and similar stuff) spent on sending a bill to the clients to collect the money owed)...
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